Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I’ve looked through
so many windows
since the moment
you were birthed into light

through the glass view finder
of my video camera
shaking, from tears
of delight

or through thicker glass
at the hospital
to your tiny crib
at a Santa Monica sight

Or our stucco home windows
on Curson Avenue,
through tall bamboo curtains -
it was perfectly right – but now.

Look here -

think about the stain glass windows
on our front door -
where a tiny boy crawls his way
to standing
the windows of my eyes
demanding to capture all the joy
that was there for you
crawling through Christmas mornings
tracking your sister – mister,
you were something to behold.

And the days race by for me
the caterpillar becomes a butterfly
young and handsome, beautiful and loving -
the window of the car, dropping you at school.

Then the vista widens to Van Nuys
when we create out of heart – Valley Glen
we build a tree house, we paint graffiti,
we make our own windows to look into
our future but we don’t see it all –
we have an adventure for a back yard
and a wonderful pool and some fine friends
- we have what no one can take away
from us – some extraordinary memories
 – we swing and swim and live.

And there are the round windows of jets
where we see clouds and reflections of
Japan, and the hotels in Mexico
for all of us to see through.
They are magic – and forbidden fruit.

The windows of suburbans
on cross country trips –
from motel rooms and funky places
making funny faces along the way
we played and had pure fun.
And oh the skies are gray with rain
sometimes – but not today.
And oh the skies are full of sun, and hope
yes, today – and we know,
things will always change
And O, the sunset is warm and gold
today – and we know,
things will always change.

I’ve looked through
so many windows
since that day
you birthed into light.

Seen what I have seen
learned a few things
it is not how many windows
one looks through,
as each one is different.

Each window
has something to say to us
it seems – for it is what we take away                       
from what we see in that window
that makes the difference
that is key.

One window view may perhaps be
even more beautiful
than the last,
but the message is not the same

Oh I’ve seen grand sunlit vistas – high above the earth
clouds forever, stars and painted skies
and learned nothing -
yet I’ve seen through smaller windows,
less ornate,
and simple views of no seeming significance
and learned everything.

These are the windows of our changing landscape
the changing world
they are yours to discover, inherit,
love if you will – touch in some way.

There are some covered by thick glass
others open to a cool breeze
windows are your
places of discovery -

an open tent flap in Africa
a small room in Rabat, Morocco
an apartment in Santa Fe
or Brooklyn NY – or a beach view
in Venice – something simple,
seemingly insignificant
where you may learn everything
from the view – through
an open window.

Doug Claybourne – for DRC my most beloved Son – 05.20.2013 on the occasion of your 25th B Day.

Copyright © Doug Claybourne 2013 All Rights Reserved.

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