Wednesday, June 5, 2013

upside down….

Upside down
and backwards
love is –
upside down
and backwards
mixed up with
all the mystery
of misunderstanding
tension in the moment
love is –
upside down
and bass ackwards
truly –
stumbling sometimes
to find
the firm footing
once heart felt.
Love is –
no doubt
a marathon –
or iron man
at times
and those times –
the whole body aches
to quit –
when only
a wee small voice
some tiny whispering
voice says “stay”
“run on” –
fight the fight”
and somehow –
in that
last mile –
pain of pains
step by step
one crosses
the finish line.

no matter first
or last
one completes
the journey
learning it is
the journey
that makes us
who we are
not the place
we take
at the end
and upside down
or backwards
love is –
always worth
that extra effort.

And so –
upside down
and backwards
as love sometimes is
we go on
to find that glorious finish
that takes us back
to where we started from
that first kiss – that first glance
that love is.

J.E. Dorsey -  for L.D. on her birthday – 03.20.13 – And here is to keeping the door closed during the baby’s bath to keep the heat inside.
Copyright c 2013 Doug Claybourne. All Rights Reserved.

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