Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The stars...

The stars
all line up
for you –

it doesn’t rain
the sun comes out
for you –

It’s the perfect temperature
no wind – latitude nor longitude

clear skies forecast
you win the bet, alas

you look great
by the way
not a day older from the past


you feel wonderful
I’m told
if I may be so bold

full of excitement, enthusiasm
a real zest for life –
and a perfectly New York attitude

and you feel
good about you
and your chances –

as you know
It’s all down hill
from here out –

It’s been a
great right ride through out


Wow –
this is really
as good as it gets for you.

The future
looks bright
for it’s true –

and the world
is your oyster
too –

that color really
looks fabulous
on you -


the meal you cooked
was truly extraordinary
as good as it looked

Just one of those people
are you –

captures my imagination,
that positively makes
this life a sensation
just knowing

that all the stars
line up for you
all the planets
revolve in their orbits
somewhere around you

And you are
I know humble
thoughtful, quite
honorable and delightful
that is just
the you of you
and I’m told by some – insightful
but most importantly

you are a lovely wife,
and a one of a kind and generous mother too.
You are just
the fabulous you,
just a one of a kind you
and that’s why
we admire and adore
the you of the fabulous you.

for Sandy – Doug Claybourne – 05.08.2013
Copyright © Doug Claybourne 2013 All Rights Reserved.

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