Wednesday, June 5, 2013

We sit and watch...

we sit and watch…

We sit and watch
quietly -
the evening pass
leaves blow
sunset lingers, wanes
our daughter stumbles
into the wet backyard.
a light mist is falling –
in wonder
we observe
the quick steps to the broken bird bath
to get her tiny hands moist -
the same steps she takes daily.
you worry about the bowl falling
and I surround the first bath
with wire fencing.
the second bath,
a beat up ceramic base
and concrete top
but oddly beautiful,
still stands naked, solitary.

Moisture in the sky
as in my eyes at just
the simplicity, the beauty here
in this moment.
I learn to appreciate
the snapshots taken
these days
when during previous years, hours
I would have been off
on some exotic location.

You are radiant
in your motherhood
wrapped in every gesture.
our daughter is ferocious
in her determination
and so fortunate.
she is a river of affection
filling you daily with pleasure.
And your generous heart –
sends that eternal flow back to her refreshed
like blood circulating through
a beating heart.

You are a silver ribbon tied around
the perfect small package
together you are floating down the Ganges.

Blessed woman
adrift in a swell of love
the earth drinks up your occasional tears
and I this lucky man listen
to the laughter of the two of you
as you eat
cherrios in bed
and I hear
the incessant optimism
of the woman I dearly love
teach our daughter,
this “love bug” of nineteen
exquisite months.

O the poetry of love – it is two.
The two of us – and the two of you
makes three – the perfect family.

Doug Claybourne - A Suite Of Poems for L.D. 05.13
Copyright © Doug Claybourne 2013 All Rights Reserved.

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